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Public Cooking Class

Sunday, Apr 23, 2017   $150 per person

Time: 12PM-3PM

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$150 per person

My Cooking Party's Public Cooking Classes focus on three ingredients (a protein, a starch and a vegetable). When you arrive, there will be a brief reception, then you will work with our professional chef instructors to decide what you will make. Each couple or small group will execute a dish of their choosing while learning along the way. You will consult with our staff as you move through the cooking process in real time. While you will not be following a recipe, you will have access to professionals who will provide you with advice and mini-lessons based on your own level of experience and the choices you make. After the cooking is complete, guests will sit down to eat their original plate, our chefs will taste each dish and provide you with feedback, and more helpful hints. Classes include cheese and crudite on arrival, house red and white wine, beer, water, sparkling water and soda, take home aprons, an essential pantry list, a composed dish that you've invented, and a catered dessert!
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