about MCP cooking school in NYC

who is my cooking party?

The best recreational cooking school in NYC, and here is why!

we are inventors

- What Albert Einstein is to E=mc2, we are to cooking parties... we founded the concept!

we are NYC event planners

- Even NYC's professional cooking schools have adopted our model... but they haven't replaced their clinical feeling, fluorescent lighting or soft rock playlist. Leave the office behind and come cook with us in one of our beautiful and unique NYC lofts where a recreational culinary class will suddenly seem like a special event.

we are engaging

- We are the only culinary school that is committed to the strategy of learning by doing. We avoid lengthy lectures and encourage you to cook with passion, My Cooking Party's number one ingredient!

we are here for you, because of you

- Customer Service is our Mantra! Whether you desire more cooking and less party, or vice versa, when you choose to work with My Cooking Party, you'll receive a customized experience where our expertise in culinary events is matched with your individual objectives for a fulfilling and enjoyable outing.

liron meller, my cooking party's founder

After training at two professional culinary schools The Institute of Culinary Education in New York and Le Cordon Bleu in London, Liron Meller began seriously developing his skills as a caterer, a Chef and a consultant for new restaurants all across the globe. This not only allowed him to observe the ways in which different regions react to specific cuisine, but also taught him about their similarities. Meller believes that no matter where you go, there is one constant; food has the power to bring people together. As a result, the food tastes better if the experience is both physical and social.

why choose mcp?

We don't just teach cooking classes ~ We transform the experience into a food event!

We don't just hold the best recreational cooking classes ~ We also convert them into the best parties in New York City!

We don't just offer bridal events and birthday parties ~ We build memories that match your milestone!

We don't just sell company outings ~ We stage cooking competitions where you can live out your Top Chef or Iron Chef Fantasies!

We don't just conduct teambuilding activities ~ We create an environment where you have the opportunity to remember why you like your co-workers!

where is mcp?

We offer private events and classes in a variety of NYC Loft Locations, but if you want to send us mail, please do so at this address:

My Cooking Party
25 West 26th Street
7th Floor
New York, NY 10010
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